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The Dapto Poultry Club Inc. is dedicated to the promotion of keeping, showing and breeding of pure breeds of poultry. The preservation of pure breed poultry is important and we encourage anyone interested in keeping poultry, to consider the many beautiful pure breeds available. Rare breeds are also strongly encouraged to keep their kind alive, as numbers are dwindling.

Juniors play a big part in our club making up nearly 60% of members.

The Dapto Poultry Club Inc. holds meetings on the first Wednesday of each month (except December, January & April) at The Dapto Showgrounds in the Poultry Pavilion. Meetings start at 7pm.

We hold our Annual Club Show on the 2nd Saturday in July each year in the Poultry Pavilion at The Dapto Showgrounds. This year the Show will be held on Saturday 13th July 2019.

We have recently had a complete refurbishment of the Dapto Poultry Shed with a new cement floor and brand new metal cages installed.

We appreciate the loyalty of our exhibitors and with new conditions for our poultry we welcome you back for the 2019 show.

Our club also proudly hosts the Illawarra Rhode Island Breed Show which will be held on Saturday the 6th of July 2019.


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